Fresh breath treatment

Fresh breath treatment

Bad breath is more common than you imagine and embarrassing for the sufferer. However, there are ways to diagnose and treat bad breath.

What causes bad breath (Hallitosis)?

  • 96% both cases of Hallitosis are caused by a build up of bad bactera on your teeth, gums and tongue.
  • 3% have a gastrointestinal cause.
  • 1% have a respiratory cause.

Diagnosing the cause of bad breath

  • X-rays.
  • Oral examination.
  • Diet analysis: if necessary liaison with our medical colleagues to investigate potential other causes.


Gum disease treatments involve the removal of bad bacteria from your mouth through a series of cleanings. To prevent gum disease, we recommend using a special brush/mouthwash etc.┬áThe main thing to remember is that bad breath is a common problem. It is easily treated and easily prevented from coming back. So don’t be embarrassed, it is never too late to go to the dentist.

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